The Inge Domeyer School teaches IDTA Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Freestyle and Street Dance. Students range from 2 1/2 years through to adult. Pupils dance for both fun/fitness and to study towards taking examinations.

Along with this we participate in competitions (which are not mandetory) and perform an annual show.


The timetable for dance lessons is as follows:



4:30-5:00 11-14 years Freestyle/ Street Dance

5:00-5:30 11-14 years Modern Jazz

5:30-6:00 11-14 years Ballet

6:00-6:30 11-14 years Tap

6:30-7:15 Senior (15-20 years) Modern Jazz

7:15-8:00 Senior Freestyle/Street Dance

8:00-8:45 Senior Ballet

8:45-9:15 Senior Tap



5:00-5:30 Baby/Junior (4- 10 years) Freestyle/Street Dance

5:30-6:00 Junior (8-10 years) ballet

6:00-6:30 Junior Tap

7:15-7:45 Modern Jazz



10:30-11:00 Baby (4-7 years) Ballet

11:00-11:30 Baby Tap

11:30-12:00 Baby Modern Jazz

12:00-12.30 Kindergarten (2 and a half -4 years). This lesson uses music, mime, imagination and storytelling to give each child the basics of dance.

12:30-13:oo Adult (19 years upwards)Freestyle

13:00-13:3o Adult Modern Jazz

13:30-14:15 Adult Ballet

14:15-15:00 Adult Tap


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